drug resistant war stories

Robert Morrell Jr. bmorrell at ISNET.IS.WFU.EDU
Wed Oct 19 21:48:09 EST 1994

On 19 Oct 1994, Kathryn S. Black wrote:
> You are fortunate if you are not seeing VRE's.  I am the
> supervisor of a microbiology lab in a 300 bed community
> hospital and our rate is currently about 6%.  Believe me,
> a lot of people are very concerned.

I understand that VRE is very troublesome, but it is not 40%, probably 
not even 10%. It should also be remembered that enterococci is an 
organism of often uncertain pathogenicity. So we have a relatively 
uncommon organism semi-widespread with opportunistic pathogenicity, and a 
very rare, very localized MDR TB. This does not the end of an era make.
What it really points out to me is the need for some kind of 
susceptibility trend tracking system that gets data from around the 
country, instead of a few major urban centers. 

Another example, betalactamase on enterococci. I know a lot of people 
doing routine testing but not finding any. We tried to find some and 
could not. Again, the publications of a few labs is driving a lot of 
unecessary workup elsewhere.

Bob Morrell

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