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In article <hschweiz-2010941100210001 at>, hschweiz writes:
> There are numerous papers in the literature that mention soaking of SDS
> gels containing radiolabeled proteins in 1M sodium salicylate prior to
> autoradiography.  However, none of the ones I read gives a proper
> reference and/or reasoning for this.  If anybody knows a reference, I
> would appreciate a message, either on this board or directly to my e-mail
> address (hschweiz at
> Thank's
> Herbert P. Schweizer, Dept. of Microbiol. & Inf. Dis., Univ. of Calgary

Hi Herbert,

I've used this technique but, regretably, have often failed to cite the primary
reference. For several years it was just part of the lab's oral tradition...

I've just come across this citation fairly recently, the earliest description
of the technique that I know of:

Manteuffel, R. & Weber, E. (1983) Fluorographic detection of tritium-labeled
proteins in immunoelectropherograms with the water-soluble fluor, sodium
salicylate.  J. Biochem. Biophys. Methods _4_ 293-297.

Cheers, Kevin.
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