Antibiotic, but not antithrombotic?

Marc Takeno takenomm at
Fri Oct 28 13:49:52 EST 1994

     Does anybody know of a broad-spectrum antibiotic or anti-fungal agent
which will not affect platelet aggregation?  I've conducted an experiment
which requires me to leave a relatively rich "platelet suspension buffer"
(which is an isotonic HEPES-buffered phosphate buffer with dextrose and
albumin) under non-sterile conditions at 37 deg. C for a few days.  It
turns into a cloudy solution after a day or two, looking suspiciously like
bacterial colonization.  I then need to take the buffer and use it for
platelet aggregation tests.  I've seen a citation in the literature (don't 
have it handy right now) which mentions an antibiotic with minimal
effect on platelets, but it's bacteriostatic against only a few 
exotic-sounding strains.
     Please reply by e-mail; I don't read bionet.microbiology much. 
Thanks for any help in advance. 

Marc Takeno     takenomm at

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