Preparing a Microbial Genetics Course

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> > I will be teaching a Microbial Genetics course next semester. The course
> > will be both lecture and lab.
> > 
> > Is there a textbook that anyone might recommend? lab manual?
> > -Rich
> > Friedman at
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>                         I recommend a lab manual written by Stanley R.
Maloy,  >The title of the manual is "Experimental Techniques in Bacterial
Genetics," >Jones and Bartlett publishers.  The book is an excellent lab
manual as well as >source
>                                                -Jeff Nauseda, UIUC
>                              Email to : jeff_nauseda at

   I agree, Stan's book is great! For lecture, you can try another book by
Maloy (Maloy, Cronan, and Freifelder, Microbial Genetics also by Jones and
Bartlett). Maloy and Cronan did a great job revising the original
textbook. It still lacks a good treatment of bacterial genetics of non E.
coli bugs but it's pretty good.
   I also recommend Francoise Joset and Janine Guespin-Michel, Prokaryotic
Genetics.  Blackwell Scientific Publications, 1993. This is what I use
this year. It's really good in it's treatment of non E. coli bugs but
might be a little too advanced for your average undergrad...and it lacks
pictures ;-)

   For the history of genetics (to make the course a little more
interesting) look up the *excellent* Thomas Brock,  The Emergence of
Bacterial Genetics.  Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, 1990. 

   For a short read, P. F. Smith-Keary, Molecular Genetics of E. coli. 
The Guilford Press, 1989 is pretty good.

   Email me directly if you want more references.

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