Prostatitis is annoying

Mon Oct 31 07:24:41 EST 1994

> From:          Andre_Sobolewski at (Andre Sobolewski)
> Subject:       Re: Prostatitis is annoying
> I wish I could contribute to a solution to bring peace on the Net 
> the community of practitioners of Microbiology and others who are 
> and interested in it. Posts like the one above, and previous ones 
with a
> similar flavour, make it awful hard to do. folk should learn TO GET OFF THE NET WHEN THE THREAD GETS TOO 
LONG...!  Face it: after three or so rounds of posts, BCapstone 
should have gone private with the correspondence (as should everyone 
ELSE who got sucked in).  Then this would not have happened.  Una is 
right.  Just abrasive with it...!!  B-)

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