Cat Scratch Disease

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>I send this request on behalf of an excellent student (Bill
>Burgess) of mine who has no E-mail account.  Please E-mail
>responses to me (or post to group).  I will pass them along
>to him.

>          Has there been any resolution to the
>          issue of the causative agent of cat
>          scratch disease (CSD).  Is Rochalimaea
>          henselae it?  Is Afipia felis it?  Any
>          new thoughts?

>Thank you,


>Dear Paul

I believe CSD is caused by Afipia species. I know of two species - A. felis 
and A. clevelandensis (I don't know if both species can cause CSD but A. felis 
does at least). Phylogenetically Afipia is related to Rochalimea species i.e. 
R. quintana etc in the alpha subdivision. The Afipia work was published by 
David Brenner et al. out of CDC in J. Clin. Microbiol. 1991. Hope this info 


John Bowman. CEB, Univ of Tennessee, Knoxville

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