Stephen_W._Mamber_at_~PRIWFB05 at Stephen_W._Mamber_at_~PRIWFB05 at
Thu Sep 1 19:56:56 EST 1994

     When I sent my first E-post to the net, I was surprised to get my mail 
     returned as 'undeliverable' when typing 'microbiology at'.  I 
     was later informed by M. Latterich that the address had to be 
     shortened to 'microbio at' for (presumably) internet-related 
     reasons.  However, I have noticed that 'microbiology at' 
     still appears in the address information.  Since I suspect that others 
     may have had the same problem posting on this board as I initially 
     did, I just want to make it clear that the correct address and what's 
     in the address information are NOT the same.  
     In summary, the correct address is as follows:
     microbio at
     Now that we're straight on that, I expect to see several hundred posts 
     this (and future) months!  SWM
     mamber at

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