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Fri Sep 2 13:10:31 EST 1994

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>Would anyone have an Internet address for B.W. Holloway, who works on 
>Pseudomonas at Monash University in Australia? Thanks

I believe that he's recently retired.  Let's see what "finger" has to say:

  /bsa/people/nash/bsa> finger holloway at
  HOLLOWAY BW Holloway         HOLLOWAY not logged in
  Last login Fri 24-Apr-92 10:16AM-EST

This seems to bear my supposition, however, knowing him, he's still
maintaining a lab, so try (hang on, let me snip from a gopher search):

"Bruce Holloway, Genetics and Developmental Biology"
  Also known as:   
                    Bruce Holloway
                    B W Holloway
  Fax number:      
                    +61 3 90 55537
  Business phone:  
                    +61 3 90 53854
  Business address:
                    Monash University 
                    Wellington Road 
                    Clayton, Victoria 3168 
                    Professor of Genetics

Faxing him is probably the best route!

john (a former student of the Genetics Dept at Monash Univ).

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