DNA Extraction from G+ bacteria

Paul A. Vescio vescip at rpi.edu
Mon Sep 5 03:40:18 EST 1994

In Article <3SEP199400100184 at jetson.uh.edu>, st1v7 at jetson.uh.edu (ERIC
NGUYEN) wrote:
>I'm looking for a protocol of extracting DNA from
>a Gram+ soil bacteria, namely Rhodococcus.  I tried
>some of the older protocols but the results were
>not satisfactory.  Are there any protocols developed recently concerning Gram+ 
>strands?  Please give me a few pointers concerning
>this process.  I'm desperately in need of it.
>Thank you very much.
>                        Eric Nguyen
Try looking in : Current Protocols  2.4  Preparation of Genomic DNA from
Bacteria.  Use the miniprep protocol for up to 10 ml cultures.  I have used
this procedure many times with good results for both G+ & G- bacteria
including Bacillus, Micrococcus, Agrobacterium (a soil bacteria), and
Arthrobacter.  We also use this protocol in a Molecular biology Lab taught
here with PCR quality DNA after RNase treatment.  This reference may be old
as it comes from the 1990 version of Current protocols but it is the same in
newer editions and is available on CD ROM.
Good Luck,

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