microbial activity in soil

Dorothea.Smith SmithD at micr.unp.ac.za
Tue Sep 6 02:21:27 EST 1994

In article <SmithD.6.2E6AF79E at micr.unp.ac.za> SmithD at micr.unp.ac.za (Dorothea.Smith) writes:
>From: SmithD at micr.unp.ac.za (Dorothea.Smith)
>Subject: microbial activity in soil
>Date: Mon, 5 Sep 1994 10:49:02 GMT
>Keywords: microbial activity, soil, heavy metals

>Hi all,
>I would be very glad if someone could suggest a relatively simple and quick 
>method (quantitative or semi-quantitative) to determine microbial activity 
>in soils contaminated with heavy metals and phenol. Unfortunately the 
>Tetrazolium salt Method does not work for me since most of the heavy metals 
>as well as nitrate also compete for electrons and thus reduce the colour 
>Many thanks for any contribution,
>Dorothea Smith

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