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>I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm starting to develop a 
>nervous tic every time I see the above header or similar in the group.
stuff deleted...

I wholehartedly agree with you. I really don't think that this newsgroup 
is at a point where one would consider a split -- I'd rather state that 
we are in need for more traffic to become more attractive to the microbiological 
community. Rather than writing endless news about newsgroups politics and 
internet technicalities (just like this message... ;-) we should 
concentrate on microbiological topics. This we have this newsgroup.

Regarding the proposed newsgroup charter of, these 
are mostly topics we should be discussing here. And bionet.microbiology 
is definetely not a _technical-related_ newsgroup just because people 
ask questions about techniques.
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