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EWEN E.F.Mcpherson at
Tue Sep 6 03:33:07 EST 1994

Greetings again Virtual Microbiologists !

I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm starting to develop a 
nervous tic every time I see the above header or similar in the group.

Since Martin managed to overcome the inertial apathy of the microbial 
community (sic), I've been recommending to my students that they 
have a browse through bionet.microbiology when net-surfing. A few of 
them have come back to me recently being a bit confused and asking 
the difference between bionet.microbiology and, 
the case for which has been eloquently and ubiquitously put by Una.

As a bionet-browser/user for a good while now, I would like to say 
that we again seem to be losing the thread. What is the purpose of 
the net and the bionet in particular ? I'ld like to think that it is 
dissemination and sharing of information and knowledge, skills and 
tips, thoughts and feelings about our great science. 

As we appear to have seen, propagation problems now seem to be 
settling down somewhat as people become aware of the existance of the 
group and start to get the feed to their newsreaders. Just a pity 
that we don't get more postings, but hopefully that'll remedy itself 

So, on behalf of myself and my browsing students, may I cordially 
suggest that we keep the nefarious internal politicking from the 
Ivory Towers out of the specific groups and perhaps into 
bionet.general. I'm getting thoroughly sick of it.

Martin, you're doing a great job my friend. Ne Te confundant 
Illegitemi carborundum !

A final thought;- The world of academic politics is so vicious 
because there is so little at stake !. Blowed if I can remember who 
said it but it seems particulary apposite here.

Qu'apla !

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