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Tue Sep 6 10:41:30 EST 1994

Andreas Brune <Andreas.Brune at> wrote:

>Regarding the proposed newsgroup charter of, these 
>are mostly topics we should be discussing here. And bionet.microbiology 
>is definetely not a _technical-related_ newsgroup just because people 
>ask questions about techniques.

The technical focus was the principal argument given for putting the
current microbiology newsgroup in bionet.*.

In order to avoid splitting the vote for bionet.microbiology, I put
the proposal on hold.  Now, I've resumed it.
As a courtesy to bionet.microbiology readers, I have included this
group in the distribution of the RFD, but if you prefer, I will not
post futher announcements here about

Although on the one hand having two microbiology newsgroups may split
the traffic between them, there are advantages too.  One of them is
to mend the bad feelings generated during the bionet.microbiology
RFD.  Many Usenet readers (from the* side, if you will)
followed the debate in bionet.general, and I had several personal
e-mail messages from scientists who complained of feeling unwelcome
in bionet.*, given the remarks made about*.  The cross-
posting that might result between and
bionet.microbiology could, I hope, help to build a stronger biology
research community in Usenet.

I hope that many of you will vote YES for, and
read it as well as bionet.microbiology, if you have access to Usenet.

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