Bionet.microbiology AND

Wed Sep 7 10:09:58 EST 1994

> As a courtesy to bionet.microbiology readers, I have included this
       ^^^^^^^^  ??  I think not!

> group in the distribution of the RFD, but if you prefer, I will 
> post futher announcements here about

Please don't.

> to mend the bad feelings generated during the bionet.microbiology

Unnecessarily!  Politics rather than good sense is what caused the 
problem, if I read it right.

> I hope that many of you will vote YES for, 
> read it as well as bionet.microbiology, if you have access to 

I used to read - it was so pseudo-scientific, so often, 
that I have given up in disgust.  I am a microbiologist.  I REALLY 
don't need to get swamped in what is really one of the ONLY 
newsgroups on the net that applies to ME, personally and 
professionally, in half-baked and often hysterical posts that have 
little to do with the subject at hand.  Forget, or at 
least, don't cross-post if it does come to life.

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