Humic acids and DNA purification

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Thu Sep 8 08:45:39 EST 1994

Miguel Villegas <hcampos at>

>Some of these waters
>have high
>contents of dissolved humic acids (H.A.), polimers of highly
>refractary organic 

Humic acids! I learn the existence of these compounds from Hagelberg E.:
Humic acids contaminate some archaeological bones ... , they are extracted
together with the DNA! So when regions of mtDNA are submitted to PCR
amplification for haplotype determination, they inhibit the DNA Pol!

How can we purify this DNA to avoid this kind of contamination, easy to
recognize because the DNA solution is colored in brown!
The purification technology requires some knowledge about those compounds,
What are they, what property can be used to separate them from DNA?

Another question, What are the monomers of humic acids?


Jean-Pierre Herveg,Louvain, <Herveg at>

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