microbial activity in soil

Richard Haimann rhaimann at netcom.com
Thu Sep 8 11:03:15 EST 1994

A laboratory called Microbial Insights - 615 966 7356 (Knoxville, 
Tennessee, USA) specializes in microbial lipid analyses which are used to 
indicate microbial activity.  They advertise that they can identify 
viable biomass, community structure, nutritional status, toxicity, 
eukaryote/prokaryote ratio, and other microbial ecology features in a 
soil sample.  I haven't used them or looked closely into their methods yet.

Hope this helps.

Dorothea.Smith (SmithD at micr.unp.ac.za) wrote:
: In article <SmithD.6.2E6AF79E at micr.unp.ac.za> SmithD at micr.unp.ac.za (Dorothea.Smith) writes:
: >From: SmithD at micr.unp.ac.za (Dorothea.Smith)
: >Subject: microbial activity in soil
: >Date: Mon, 5 Sep 1994 10:49:02 GMT
: >Keywords: microbial activity, soil, heavy metals

: >Hi all,
: >I would be very glad if someone could suggest a relatively simple and quick 
: >method (quantitative or semi-quantitative) to determine microbial activity 
: >in soils contaminated with heavy metals and phenol. Unfortunately the 
: >Tetrazolium salt Method does not work for me since most of the heavy metals 
: >as well as nitrate also compete for electrons and thus reduce the colour 
: >reaction.
: >Many thanks for any contribution,
: >Dorothea Smith
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