Help with sterilization?

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Fri Sep 9 16:12:04 EST 1994

Why not autoclave at, say, 80 C (176 F) for 1-2 hr or longer? 
Killing is a function of both temperature and time.  I do not 
recommend microwaving as it takes wet heat to kill spores and 
such. SWM

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>I'm trying to sterilize a 4" diameter cartridge of molded polypropylene 
containing a granulated carbon bed.  We cannot autoclave it for the 
polypro melts at temperatures above 180 degrees F.  If I microwave the 
cartridge so surface temperatures of the cartridges stay below 180 degrees 
how likely is it that all background biological contamination will be 
killed?  This cartridge is a part of a device that will remove pathogens 
from drinking water and we want to test the devices for microbial 
reduction.  We've used specific organisms and been able to determine their 
reduction but when it comes to a total plate count there will be assorted 
non-pathenogenic mold, spores, etc in the carbon that will throw off the 
test.  I'd really appreciate your advice if you have some.  I thank you in 
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