Need help on growing B. stearothermophilus

Viggo Lindahl viggo.lindahl at
Fri Sep 9 10:28:23 EST 1994


I worked with B. stearothermophilus some years ago. My strain grew fine
to OD(600nm) between 0.5-1. My experience was that it was quite sensitive
to changes in pH. At low pH I got aggregation of cells, and they did not
look "healthy" under the microscope. It was also important to keep the
cells away from room temp. That means cells should either be kept at high
temperature, or transferred to water/ice quickly after incubation.
Keeping the cells at 4!C ON worked fine, but keeping them for some days
induced sporulation. (I also observed this with B. subtilis if the cells
were kept in the fridge for more than a week or so).
If you are to treat the cells with lysozyme, go soft on the
consentration. Some of my stearothermophilus strains were very sensitive.
Good luck.

Viggo Lindahl

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