Microbial humic acid degradation

Paul A. Vescio vescip at rpi.edu
Fri Sep 9 04:13:21 EST 1994

I don't know about degradation but I know that humic acids are a real pain
to remove when you try to extract microbial community DNA from soils and

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(Honorio Americo Campos) wrote:
>                        Dear bug-fans
>   I am working on my Phd project, I plan to study fresh-water
>microbiology on 
>the Orinoco bassin, in Venezuela, South-America.  Some of these waters
>have high
>contents of dissolved humic acids (H.A.), polimers of highly
>refractary organic 
>material.  Otherwise, these are oligotrophic waters, poor in
>nutrients.  One 
>would tend to expect some kind of bacterial adaptation for taking
>advantage of 
>these H.A.  In a preliminary literature research I did not come across
>related to the subject.  Would be anybody around working on these
>subjects?  Any
>comment or references are welcomed.
>Miguel Villegas
>hcampos at usb.ve
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