thermophiles and psychrophiles

Sun Sep 11 17:45:51 EST 1994

Dear microbiologists,
	I am trying to help some people in an introductory Chemistry lab.  They
want to show their students that organisms follow a different set of rules than
a chemical reaction when the temperature is modified.  In particular, I felt it
would be nice for them to grow a psychrophile, a mesophile, and a thermophile at
various temperatures to get a feel for the variation in the peak operating
ranges for various organisms.  I would like to know of some easy to grow
bacteria that are nonpathogenic and would span a reasonable range of
temperatures.  Possibly if there were some thermotrophs, they would be
interesting to have too.  Thanks for your answers.
                                        Mark Gallo
                                        Biocore Program
                                        Noland Hall
                                        The University of Wisconsin
                                        Madison, WI  53706

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