Nonisotopic AA transport assays: summary

Hr Dr. S. Shapiro toukie at
Mon Sep 12 04:05:08 EST 1994

Dear Colleagues;

     In response to some suggestions re my posting about nonisotopically-
labelled amino acid and carbohydrate analogues for bacterial amino acid and
carbohydrate uptake/transport studies, Molecular Probes, Inc. (Oregon, USA)
was kind enough to send me several pages of references.  This list is far 
too long to post; however, if anyone is interested in receiving a copy of it,
I will mail one out at my own expense upon receipt of requests in writing
via snail mail.  To minimise the number of frivolous requests for this in-
formation, I will NOT accept Internet requests for this reference list.
Sorry, but that's the way it is.

Yours respectfully,

(Dr.) S. Shapiro
Institut fuer orale Mikrobiologie und allgemeine Immunologie
Zentrum fuer Zahn-, Mund-, und Kieferheilkunde der Universitaet Zuerich
Plattenstrasse 11
CH-8028 Zuerich, Switzerland

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