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Michael G. Kurilla mgk2r at Virginia.EDU
Tue Sep 13 08:11:50 EST 1994

pfricci at netcom.com  writes:
> I am interested in finding out more about
>  a virus - ebola zaire filo.
> A
> It has gotten a bit of press lately and 
> B
> I have yet to see much about it in the literature
> Is there anything on it on the Internet?
> pfricci at netcom.com
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Filoviruses are a group of viruses consisting mainly of Ebola
virus and Marburg agent.  Zaire is the strain designation for
the original description of the virus which caused an outbreak
in Zaire (around the late 70's) and was found to have a high
mortality rate.

There has been identified a milder strain (Reston strain) from
an outbrake among monkeys in Reston Virginia several years

There is limited work on these viruses due to their potential
lethal nature.  Very expensive laboratory containment
facilities are required as well as the time consuming nature of
pre and post decontamination procedures for lab workers.  

The recent news attention is probably related
to the recent CBS 48 hours shows that highlighted emerging
infectious agents and did a small segment on Ebola.

Michael K

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