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Mon Sep 12 21:37:45 EST 1994

I heard something recently that bothers me.  For years, I have been sticking my
streaked agar plates in the refrigerator for overnight or weekend storage.  If
plates are left on the bench, the colonies overgrow and one no longer has
individual colonies anymore.  

Someone told me recently that putting plates with bacterial colonies on them in
the refrigerator causes the mutation frequency to increase, suggesting that
this is sloppy technique and that one can get mutant strains by doing this.  

Is there any validity to this?  I have never heard of cold-induced mutations. 
I know that there are cold-induced genes, and cold-sensistive mutants, but have
never heard of cold-induced mutations.  If someone could clear this up for me,
especially if you have reference citations that either confirm or disprove this
supposed truth, I would certainly appreciate it.

Mike Menke
Eli Lilly and Company
(317) 276-7909

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