Mold contamination in incubator

Tue Sep 13 13:10:00 EST 1994

	I thought I would try our new group out.
I have a Forma two bacteriological incubator (top/bottom)
set up.  We have a consistent problem with mold
contamination in the bottom incubator.  Top incubator
at 28 C, 100% humidity, no CO2, and no mold contamination
problems.  Bottom incubator at 35 C, 100% humidity,
5% CO2 and constant mold contamination problems.  We
recently started using 5% CO2 and the mold contamination
predates the CO2 use by at least two years, so I don't
think the CO2 is the cause of the problem.
	We have tried shutting down the bottom incubator several
times for a complete decontamination including autoclaving
anything that was removable and placing powerful multibulb
UV light source in incubator for several days.  Problem
returns when we begin using the incubator again.
	We grow Bartonella bacilliformis on BBL BHI w/ 10% SB
in top incubator.  We culture Rochalimae quintana on
BBL BHI w/ 10% SB in bottom incubator.
	Any suggestions (about the above problem!)???

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