thermophiles and psychrophiles

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> Dear microbiologists,
>         I am trying to help some people in an introductory Chemistry lab. 
> would be nice for them to grow a psychrophile, a mesophile, and a
thermophile at
> various temperatures to get a feel for the variation in the peak operating
> ranges for various organisms.  I would like to know of some easy to grow
> bacteria that are nonpathogenic and would span a reasonable range of
> temperatures. .......

   Try getting ahold of Colwellia psychroerythrus.  A quick scan of the
ATCC gopher site (found in reveals the following
info when I ask the server to give me a psychrophile....


Colwellia psychroerythrus (D'Aoust and Kushner) Deming et al.
ATCC 27364


J.-Y. D'Aoust NRC 1004 (Vibrio psychroerythrus) <--- D. Kushner
<--- P. Hagen <--- K. Eimhjellen. Flounder eggs. Type strain (Int.
J. Syst. Bacteriol. 38: 328-329, 1988; J. Bacteriol. 111: 342,
1972; Syst. Appl. Microbiol. 10: 152-160, 1988). Cell structure
during lysis (ibid., 108: 916-927, 1971); production of prodigiosin
(ibid., 118: 756-757, 1974). Obligate psychrophile, cultures (test
tube and freeze-dried) die rapidly at temperatures above 20C
(ibid., 111: 342, 1972).

Growth Conditions: Medium 2  10C

Shipped: Frozen.

Price Code: C

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