Micro Journal Club

Meta Kuehn kuehn at MENDEL.BERKELEY.EDU
Tue Sep 13 15:53:39 EST 1994

With regards to the JC discussion, Abramo C Ottolenghi  wrote:

>I would very much like to participate in the discussion of the paper in
>question.  Unfortunately Sept. 15th is a religious holiday so I will be
>precluded from doing so.  I would hope that such factors may be kept in mind in
>the future.  Thanks   A. Ottolenghi

Dear A. Ottolenghi and other future participants of the JC discussions:

Please be aware that JC discussions are simply scheduled to _begin_ on the
first and 15th of the month (chosen at random). It is anticipated that
discussions will extend into the week following this date.  Participation
at any and all stages in the discourse is strongly encouraged.  Thus,
anyone should be able to join the thread of discourse when their personal
schedules permit.  (I am sorry if this was unclear from my earlier

Once again, suggestions for the next JC article are being heartily
accepted.  Your suggestions can be spontaneous, and need not be organized
or researched--so lets hear 'em!

Sincerely, Meta Kuehn

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