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Someone mentioned old topics that they have rediscovered!!. One topic worth
discussion turned up in the SGM quartly of Feb 1994 concerning "Mitogenic
Radiation" (MR). The original research was in the 1920 which suggested that
cells undergoing mitosis emitted weak UV light. "Some 600 plus papers on
the subject of MR were published in the 20 years prior to 1940........a
highly critical report in 1937 ....relegated  MR to the status of an
historical artifact"  It was also reported that emission stimulated growth
in cultures seperated in quartz cuvettes.
Recent work by Quickenden,Tilbury et al at U.Western Australia has
resurrected MR and confirmed that certain yeasts emit weak UV radiation but
did not demostrate any growth stimulation. IF MR doesn't serve a purpose
and far as growth goes then why do the bugs waste energy emitting UV? Is it
an inherent part of replication?If so,can MR be demonstrated in vitro and
do other high energy-consuming biosynthetic pathways emit low level UV (eg
Tryptophan biosynthesis).
All I have at the moment is the refs contained in the mini review by Dr. M.
Wainwright in U. Sheffield. I could post those later if people are

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