Bacteria in human nose

B. Wasilauskas bwasilau at ISNET.IS.WFU.EDU
Thu Sep 15 06:49:59 EST 1994

At 02:09 AM 9/15/94 GMT, Graham Higgins wrote:
> My friend is working on a project and would like to know what species of
>bacteria would normally be found in the human nose.  Also, any information
>on 'brain and heart infusion' media for growing bacteria (preparation,
>whether it is selective for certain bacteria species, etc) would be
>appreciated.  Please send me e-mail if you have any information.  Thanks.

>The 5th edition of the Manual of Clinical Microbiology, ASM, lists Staph. 
epidermidis and Staph. aureus as the major organisms in the nose. However, 
viridans streptococci, corynebacterium species (diphtheroids), Moraxella 
lacunata and saprophytic neisseriae can also be found there. In addition, 
some people carry Strep. pyogenes and Strep. pneumoniae, but this is not 
considered normal for most folks. 

Brain heart infusion media is a very rich growth medium on which a wide 
variety of bacteria and fungi will grow. I know of no organisms that are 
inhibited on this medium. As the name suggests, it is an infusion of calf 
brain and beef heart along with some peptones, dextrose and some salts. The 
Difco manual along with other texts give directions on preparation, but it 
is probably easier to just buy the dehydrated powder and make it yourself.

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