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In article <35a2s5$mhb at>, pfoster at (Patricia Foster) writes:
>  BHI medium just came up in another thread, so I
>thought I would post a question about it.  On advice
>from experts, I have started using it to grow colonies
>for subsequent hybridization to oligonucleotides.  
>E. coli really *likes* this stuff.  The growth is 
>much more vigorous than on LB.
>  So my questions are:
>1.  what is the magic ingredient?  They grow better
>on BHI than LB+glucose, 2xYT, or any other super medium
>I have tried.
>2.  Why don't we all use it all the time?  Is
>there a fundamental change in E. coli's metabolism
>when in BHI?
>Patricia L. Foster

Salmonella really like it too!  We were involved with plasmid analysis of
~500 Salmonella isolates (very large, low-copy plasmids) and compared
LB, Tryptic Soy, BHI, and Terrific broth for growth of Salmonella prior to
plasmid isolation.  We also found BHI to be superior, and then even more so
with BHI + 0.5% glucose. So another question - is it just increased cell 
yield with the BHI vs. the others, or as Pat inquired, something about the
effect of this medium on metabolism, etc.?
Regards, Peter
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