Micro Journal Club: E. coli competence

Martin Latterich micro at mendel.berkeley.edu
Fri Sep 16 08:48:12 EST 1994

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kuehn at MENDEL.BERKELEY.EDU (Meta Kuehn) writes:

> An interesting and very short paper has come up (with thanks to contributor
> Tom Schneider) regarding the cycle of E. coli competence.  Considering that
> transformation of DNA into E. coli is important for most cloning projects
> in many labs, it seemed an appropriate article of general interest.  In
> addition to the obvious technical advance, it also brings up the question
> of the biochemical basis for competence and how it is related to the cell
> cycle.

This may deviate from the main thread of discussion :), but has anyone
in the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae done any cell cycle dependent
transformation studies?


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