Bacteria on skin of penis, what's normal?

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Sat Sep 17 12:08:09 EST 1994

In article <Cw9n39.9My at>, jarnie at (Jarmo Niemi) writes:

>>Considering the overall topography of the area, this is hardly either
>surprising or shocking. Examine, for instance, the standard procedure
>for obtaining urine samples from men for bacteriological purposes 
>(careful washing followed by "mid-stream" sampling, and yet commonly
>~1000 bacteria/ml are found in healthy individuals). In your case a
>"mid-stream" sample is probably out of the question...

I appreciate your response.  I wonder about the 1000 bacteria/ml in
healthy men's midstream urine that you mention.  Why are all the urine
cultures of healthy men negative?  Could you elaborate.  As you may have
guessed by this thread I am looking at the culturing techniques for
prostatitis and am finding them questionable.  The Meares and Stamey
technique for diagnosing prostatitis calls for 1) first five ml of urine
as "urethral specimen" 2) midstream urine - supposed to be sterile in
healthy males 3)Expressed Prostatic Secretion from prostatic massage
4)final 5 to 10 ml of urine
If 3 or 4 are positive and two is negative, and what grows is not
identical to 1, the prostate is said to infected.  I am beginning to think
the sensitivity of this procedure first developed in 1968 is close to

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