Does anyone know how to contact the American Society of Microbiology

Peter M. Muriana muriana at
Sat Sep 17 08:27:41 EST 1994

In article <35doap$6v2 at>, dave010 at (Dave010) writes:
>Hi, I am a highschool senior intersted in a career in Microbiology. I
>tried to contact the American Society for Microbiology, but was unable to
>do so. Can somebody please help me out.
>Thank you.

David, ASM has a listing of colleges and universities that have accredited
programs in microbiology.  Their address/numbers are:

American Society for Microbiology
1325 Massachusetts Ave., NW
Washington, DC   20005-4171
202-942-9319 TEL
202-942-9347 FAX

Hope you get your info.
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