Bacteria on skin of penis, what's normal?

Jarmo Niemi jarnie at
Sat Sep 17 03:47:33 EST 1994

BCapstone (bcapstone at wrote:
> the penile opening.  I was SHOCKED to find E. Coli grow in culture from a
> patient's penile skin.  The finding has drastic implications for
> contamination of prostatic specimens.  Anybody out there who could study
> this?  Has there ever been a study?  

Considering the overall topography of the area, this is hardly either
surprising or shocking. Examine, for instance, the standard procedure
for obtaining urine samples from men for bacteriological purposes 
(careful washing followed by "mid-stream" sampling, and yet commonly
~1000 bacteria/ml are found in healthy individuals). In your case a
"mid-stream" sample is probably out of the question...

Jarmo Niemi,Biochemistry,U.of Turku,jarnie at,

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