Mold contamination in incubator

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Mon Sep 19 14:51:23 EST 1994

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> Hi,
> 	I thought I would try our new group out.
> I have a Forma two bacteriological incubator (top/bottom)
> set up.  We have a consistent problem with mold
> contamination in the bottom incubator.  Top incubator
> at 28 C, 100% humidity, no CO2, and no mold contamination
> problems.  Bottom incubator at 35 C, 100% humidity,
> 5% CO2 and constant mold contamination problems.  We
> recently started using 5% CO2 and the mold contamination
> predates the CO2 use by at least two years, so I don't
> think the CO2 is the cause of the problem.
> 	We have tried shutting down the bottom incubator several
> times for a complete decontamination including autoclaving
> anything that was removable and placing powerful multibulb
> UV light source in incubator for several days.  Problem
> returns when we begin using the incubator again.
> 	We grow Bartonella bacilliformis on BBL BHI w/ 10% SB
> in top incubator.  We culture Rochalimae quintana on
> BBL BHI w/ 10% SB in bottom incubator.
> 	Any suggestions (about the above problem!)???
> 					Thanks,
> 					Charles

I solved the same problem in a Forma incubator by placing a filter between the 
gas tanks and the incubator and by replacing the fan unit with a new one.  
Also, you may want to add something like Roccal to the humidification pans.

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