Does anyone know how to contact the American Society of Microbiology

George W. Chang changlab at
Mon Sep 19 22:21:09 EST 1994

In article <35doap$6v2 at>, dave010 at (Dave010) wrote:

> Hi, I am a highschool senior intersted in a career in Microbiology. I
> tried to contact the American Society for Microbiology, but was unable to
> do so. Can somebody please help me out.

Hi Dave,
         If you repost your question to ask about careers in microbiology,
you will probably get an interesting array of responses.
         For example, I teach food microbiology in a nutrition department,
and I do research on ways to detect fecal bacteria in lakes, rivers, and
drinking water.  I took a somple course in Microbiology some thirty years
ago, and fell in love with the microbes.
         What part of the country do you live in?  Chances are that there
many microbiologists in your local region.  They will be happy to chat
with you and show you their labs.

Good luck!

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