X and V Factor

Dan deRegnier YC06 at MUSIC.FERRIS.EDU
Tue Sep 20 12:43:52 EST 1994

Greetings-- I teach clinical microbiology in the Medical Technology
program at Ferris State Univ.  Our students ultimately work in
clinical labs performing a variety of assays.  A question keeps
coming up that I have found two different answers to. Question:
When Haemophilus sp. satellite around S. aureus on sheep blood agar
is the V factor (NAD) being produced by the S. aureus or is it
coming from the the red blood cells that are lysed by the staph?

Can anyone clear this up for me.  TIA

Daniel P. deRegnier, MS, MT(ASCP)
Ferris State University
Big Rapids, MI 49307
yc06 at music.ferris.edu

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