Help with S-layers

WINNINGHAM THOMAS AN winningh at benji.Colorado.EDU
Tue Sep 20 00:05:14 EST 1994

	I'm a physicist working with the S-layers of
Solfolobus Sulfataricus and Solfolobus Acidocaldarius.
I grow these bugs in my lab, but lately I've encountered
some problems that hopefully someone reading this board
will know how to remedy.
	We isolate the whole sacs of S-layer and then sonicate them
to break them up into flat patches that we then deposit
onto a substrate.  Lately, we have had problems with the patches
clumping together.  Futhermore, we've been having trouble with
small contaminations sticking to the S-layer.  These contaminations
are roughly spherical and about 10nm in diameter.  These
contaminations cause problems because they obscure the holes of the S-layer.
	If anyone has any ideas about how I can reduce the clumping and
the contamination, I would appreciate hearing from you.
Andrew Winningham
University of Colorado, Boulder

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