Indian Plague report at at
Mon Sep 26 12:57:51 EST 1994

The NY Times now (9/25) says the report of pneumonic plague in
India isnt entirely confirmed. They quote a local physician who
says cultures and testing on afflicted persons, deceased, etc.
are not yet conclusive and ventures a guess that the plague may
actually be a virulent form of influenza or other type of
pneumonia.   They make this statements in view of the fact
that no dead or affected rats have been found in the area where
the epidemic occurred. Other reports indicate open sewers in
Surat which could harbor rats and their ectoparasites. More will
no doubt be forthcoming in the days ahead. If this is
truly pneumonic plague it will be the first  epidemic
of the disease in  recorded history (e.g. modern times?).

US and Immigration officers of other nations are reported to be
looking closely at travelers entering from areas in and
around the site of the epidemic since the disease can be
spread by sneezing, coughing, as an aerosol.

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