infected SEMEN, help needed!

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Tue Sep 27 14:11:21 EST 1994

BCapstone (bcapstone at wrote:
: In article <366hh3$10k at>,
: dstothar at (Diane Stothard) writes:

: <<<<<<Get ahold of some prokaryotic 16S rRNA primers and so some PCR on
: your sample. You will have to clone your products and sequence them
: individually since it appears that you have several microbes. After that,
: you can BLAST your sequence to GenBank and receive a list of the closest
: relatives to your critters. If 
: you're lucky, you may not have uncovered something completely new and it
: will 
: already be in GenBank. Or, if you're lucky, you will have uncovered
: something 
: new and get famous. Depends on how you look at it! You can PCR from your
: semen sample, the fresher the better. The protocols would be similar to
: PCRing from whole blood. Good luck!>>>>>>

: Thanks for your reply.  What is PCR?  What is GenBank?  I will check at
: the hospital and see if they have this but I suspect that they do not.  If
: necessary, I would PAY someone to do this, as eventually I would like to
: publish this case.  However, I want the patient to have a "happy ending,"
: some relief from the symptoms, and perhaps if I could identify these
: organisms therapy would be successful.  Would you consider doing it?  Or
: now someone who would?

I cannot believe what I am reading here.  The first followup to this 
posting was incredibly unfeeling.  It appeared to me that the person was 
more interested in making the doctor famous instead of making their 
patient better.  At least the doctor stuck to his/her guns and seemed 
more worried about the patient than making a recovery than getting their 
name in journal article somewhere.  Diane doesn't seem to ever have 
experienced a bout of gram negative sepsis, or being worried about its 
possible return, otherwise she would have  been more worried about the 
patient rather than someones fame and fortune.  No wonder this country 
is taking a nosedive.  Some people even try to take some advantage, and 
make money off of sick people.  Completely disgusting.

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