Job: Cell Biologist, BS / MS

DrHeasley fheasley at
Tue Sep 27 10:05:32 EST 1994

I am conducting a peer-reviewed search for a cell culture specialist for
an established, well-funded biotech corporation located on the U.S. east

I am looking for someone who holds a B.S. or M.S. degree and has several
years of experience in the maintenance of mammalian cell lines, esp.
hybridomas, and expertise in the selection and / or formulation of
serum-free media. 

If you know someone who fits the above profile, and who merits your 
professional recommendation, please nominate them in confidence
by email to fheasley at, or call Dr. Heasley at 305-434-5332.  
C.V.'s from potential candidates may FAXxed directly to 305-434-4840.

Thank you for your attention.

Frank Heasley, Ph.D.
The Franklin Search Group, Inc.

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