Hydrothermal Vent Microbiology

Alan Kaiser alkaiser at EDEN.RUTGERS.EDU
Mon Sep 26 22:27:06 EST 1994

I am interested in any information pertaining to the microbiology and general
ecology of deep sea hydrothermal vents. I would appreciate it if someone
could provide me with several good references to get me started. I am
specifically interested in general ecology papers (not necessarily just
microbiology) and papers dealing with the energetics and metabolism of the
microorganisms in the vent community. Specific papers on the metabolism and
generation of energy by these bacteria would be especially helpful. Also,
papers dealing with the symbiotic relationship of these bacteria with other
members of the vent community would be of interest.

Thanks in advance,

Alan Kaiser			alkaiser at eden.rutgers.edu
Graduate Program in Micorbiology and Molecular Genetics
Rutgers University               New Brunswick,NJ

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