Micro Journal club: Mitogenic radiation

Ronan.Okennedy Ronan.Okennedy at UCG.IE
Wed Sep 28 14:29:21 EST 1994

First of all, sorry to suggest a journal club topic that is difficult to get
information on so thanks to Meta Kuehn for digging out the abstracts. On the
basis of these abstracts I wonder would it be possible to use syncronous
cultures to split the growth phases and observe the effect on MR. I not too
sure how this is generally done with yeast. I think there is some way of
inducing syncronous growth in S.cerevisiae by treatment with mating factors.

Since I'm always trying to convince people of the merits of continuous culture
I think chemostats would be a great way of examining some of the questions I
posed earlier. Bugs generally streamline themselves as their growth rate
reduces. Yield coefficients with respect to a limiting substrate improve with
reduced growth rate. So if MR is wasteful reaction one would expect decreasd
emisson. If this is so then is it plausible to suggest that the UV band would
decrease first since emission associated with the stationary phase is almost
entirely in the visible range. I'm not aware of any papers on ratios of
saturated FA's/unsaturated FA's in response to dilution rate but I'm sure
someone else is. This may be a tricky exp in S.cerevisiae since at a critical
dilution rate metabolism switches for respiro-fermentation to oxidative,
probable with an associated change in membrane composition.

Anyway, thats enough of my prattle.

Ronan O'Kennedy

Sorry about posting this twice. Our mail system is acting up!!

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