infected SEMEN, help needed!

Martin Latterich micro at
Thu Sep 29 07:34:27 EST 1994

BCapstone asked for help in identifying some bacteria associated with a
patients serious illness. These bacteria, when found in semen appear to
escape routine identification and classification, partially because
they cannot be cultured. In order to help the patient who is acutely
ill it is necessary to identify the bacteria to allow effective
treatment. In order to help other patients with similar symptoms it
will be necessary to research on the etiology and publish relevant
material to allow for effective treatment.

It has not escaped my attention, that BCapstone's original post to the
newsgroup has created some difference in opinion, chiefly on the issue
of medical ethics and research, and I can only urge people not to judge
other peoples opinion too harshly. The life of the patient is
endangered, and a timely treatment is required. At the same time,
research into the illness will aid understanding of the disease and
hopefully help other patients who developed similar symptoms. Some
experts will be primarily involved with treating the patients, while
others will be focussed on research. Both approaches are important and
ultimately will be for the good of mankind. 


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