infected SEMEN, help needed!

Martin Latterich micro at MENDEL.BERKELEY.EDU
Thu Sep 29 09:44:52 EST 1994

>From: mehj2020 at (Martin Hugh-Jones)
>Subject: Re: infected SEMEN, help needed!
>To: micro at mendel.Berkeley.EDU (Martin Latterich)
>Date: Thu, 29 Sep 94 9:16:03 CDT
>I have been reading this correspondence with interest but it is some
>hesitation that I join it. It has occurred to me that if the problems
>quoted are proving intractable, you might do worse than contact the
>theriogenology unit at your local veterinary school. They tend to be
>very knowledgeable about semen and its problems, if only because they
>see so much of it on a routine basis though seldom maybe in relation to
>the higher primates. My experience is that few medical problems are
>unique to man, though the solutions might be.
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