Semen! Need help

Thu Sep 29 16:06:45 EST 1994


I haven't been keeping up on all the postings concerning your effort to
determine what's infecting the semen, but I was wondering if the semen
cannot be gram stained or if the gram stains are questionable.  If it's the
latter of the two options, you may want to test it for Gardnerella because
previously it was difficult to culture (now there are ways to culture it)
and it is a gram positive rod (HOWEVER it's refered to as gram questionable
because it reacts both ways with the gram stain but studies have shown the
it's more like gram +, since they were unable to isolate LPS from it and
it's cell wall is more like gr.+)  It's just a thought since it seems to be
isolated from more males lately. (formerly it was mostly isolated it
bacterial vaginosis, ect. -"female" illnesses)

Just a thought!
Good luck!

Lynne Whitehead
U. of Maryland - Microbiology Dept.
U. of Maryland - Microbiology Dept.

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