Getting rid of mildew

grenwick grenwick at IUSMAIL.IUS.INDIANA.EDU
Fri Sep 30 13:32:44 EST 1994

          This is my first time out on this network (a network) so
          please forgive the flaws.

          My problem is a lab refrigerator which is "full" of mildew.
          Before it can be reused or discarded it will have to be
          thoroughly cleaned.  This cleaning will be done outside and
          without the frig being plugged in - so what is the best and
          safest way to kill the mildew?  I am wondering if one could
          rig a can of Lysol spray to spray continuously, put it in
          the frig, close the door, and come back next day?  Any
          suggestions would be greatly appreciated, and I promise that
          my next problem will be more scholarly.

          GRENWICK at

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