Using (15)N to measure nitrification

Andre Sobolewski Andre_Sobolewski at MINDLINK.BC.CA
Fri Sep 30 10:52:10 EST 1994

I am interested in the analysis of nitrification in soils. I would like to
be able to perform short-term measurements, which I presume will require
the use of (15)N labelled compounds to increase sensitivity.

Does anyone have experience with these types of measurements? Is it
possible to obtain meaningful, sensitive measurements after, say, 24-48
hours, for a wide variety of soils? I also understand that there is a
requirement for a mass spectrometer or an optical spectrophotometer to
perform these analyses, but that they need not be very sophisticated.
Anyone had any experience with the use of such instruments for this

Please forward your replies to my e-mail address, given below. Any
information would be sincerely appreciated.

Andre Sobolewski
andre_sobolewski at

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