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: hello,

: I have a question regarding genetics.

: I was watching the show "Medicine Ball" tonite and was wondering about
: something.  Two dwarves had a child, and the father said that there was
: a one-in-four chance of the child being non-dwarf.  But if the parents
: are dwarves, does that not mean that they are both homozygous recessive?
: wouldn't this mean that there is no chance of the child being a non-dwarf?

: I'm only a sophmore in college, so I might just be undereducated on the
: subject.

: Very curious,

Don't always assume genetic disorders are recessive.  Achondroplasia,
a major form of genetic dwarfism, is dominant for dwarfism (and I
believe a recessive lethal).  Both parents are heterozygotes.

The best on-line resource for this  On-Line Mendelian Inheritance in Man (OMIM)

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It is a standard textbook on human genetic disease.

BTW or bionet.general are more appropriate for this sort
of question (_micro_biology is probably a particularly bad place to
put it)

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