Federal meat standard???

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Mon Apr 10 12:05:42 EST 1995

Hi, I am currently a student studying microbiology at the State University
of New York at Geneseo.  I am doing some research into what federal
standards there are for meat and which agency is responsible for
regulating these standards.  More specifically, I was wondering whether
there is a list of dangerous strains in meat and whether there are set
bacterial numbers which, if exceeded, will break federal guidelines.  Also
I was wondering what the federal standards are for ground meat, in
reference to rodent hairs, fecal pellets, bacteria per gram, etc., under
normal conditions.  I have searched the internet under various agencies
(FDA, USDA, NIH, etc.) and have looked through various publications of the
agencies aforementioned, but I seem to have reached an impasse.  Any help
or direction would be greatly appreciated. Please E-mail me directly or
post to the group.  Thank you for your time.

David Yoo
SUNY college at Geneseo
GAA15 at uno.cc.geneseo.edu

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