Int.Biodeterioration Research group

Dr. Mike Cresswell 100642.2763 at CompuServe.COM
Wed Aug 2 15:47:36 EST 1995

IBRG is a group of international research scientists from 
industry and academia.  The main groups are paints, polymers, 
plastics, metal-working fluids, slurries, starches, adhesives 
I am interested to hear from those of you in the paint and 
polymer industry, in particular, who would be interested in 
joining such a group to conduct research in 
biodegradation/biodeterioration of such materials as well as to 
develop appropriate test methods for preservative efficacy 
testing (ISO/EEC standards).  The more organisations in the group 
thew better so that "round robin" testing will become more 
statistically viable.
Please contact me a member Secretary to IBRG for info on joining 
and/or details of next meeting at:

Dr. MIke Cresswell
Vinamul Limited
Mill Lane
SM5 2JU England, UK

Fax: 00-44-181-773-1854 or tel.: 00-44-181-773-5348
or via EMAIL 100642,2763 at

Dr. M.A. Cresswell

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